Seeing an opportunity to make something out of nothing gets us up in the morning. Unlocking the unseen potential of a new site or existing property is a key motivator of our business.

Property Development

Highbury Group operates across all facets of property, including retail, residential, commercial, industrial and the hotel industry.

Our engagement begins with the initial concept, flowing into design details, submissions, and the selection of finishes. We project manage construction to completion, simultaneously managing the sales, leasing and marketing of the project.

Our commitment distinguishes us in the market place. It’s also further proof that if you think strategically, you get the best solution for the site and deliver a better product.

Asset Management

Highbury continues to maintain and manage the development once it’s occupied as part of our "Partners for Life” vision.

We see leasing, tenanting and maintenance as part of the whole process, providing a true end-to-end solution. In fact, we’ve owned and managed many of our properties for more than 25 years.
Our asset management ability allows our properties to sustain their original integrity, which maintains its appeal to tenants. Consequently we own and manage our property assets, enjoying close working relationships with over 50 tenants.
Quality Delivered

We’re particularly proud of these projects. Each exemplifies our innovative strategic approach to property development and consequent asset management.